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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Knowledge Base for Earning Money from Internet


Welcome to this "Knowledgebase 2014" for earning money from internet. I know that there are millions - billions of blogs and websites on internet for taking help in getting start for earning money but this blog contains DOs and DON'Ts while posting text material on internet. So I hope that you'll enjoy and also will not down the essential steps in you diary to not to repeat blunders while start earning from internet.

Follow Steps For Earning Money

      These steps are based on the several factors keeping in mind so that you won't repeat those silly mistakes that I did in my past and did not earn in fact even my ADSENSE account was not approved by GOOGLE.

      In this BLOG I will share each and everything you want to know or I think it is required for you to earn money from internet by posting text material, adding images, adding videos etc.

     As you know that internet is a bay of knowledge and you can access any knowledge from internet and also can earn money with the help of using some important steps which you are ignoring in the absence of proper guidance. But not to worry now because now I am so successful and learnt a lot that how to post on internet and how to apply for earning revenue from different social and networking sites on internet. As you are doing of did in the past, I also tried so many times but due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance I was also one of those who did not succeed. But I tried again and again, now I have enough to share with others. You just keep a pen and diary to note down the steps for starting you first blog even earlier you have been trying so many times but did not succeed.

      Please note down the below steps and follows so that you become the next successful person on internet without loosing your hopes for getting money from internet.

     I know that you are using more than 2-3 email ids but stop now. You need something new for your first phase of earning money from internet. Because if you are loyal and faithful with social sites and following guideline then surely you can achieve any milestone for earning money.

    In this blog we will discuss methods, Dos and Don'ts in respect of Youtube Video uploading on internet for monetize.

  1. Register for a new email id with GMAIL

  2. Keep a new Phone Number to verify this new ID 

  3. Create a youtube video channel

  4. Keep ready your own copyrighted video 

     These above  points are just Headings. Explanation about each will be discussed in our Post after the examples of uploaded videos below. 

   So keep attention and dream big about earning money through internet. Till then you can have a look on the below links to take an idea for making videos for youtube.



     Create a new gmail id for you to apply for youtube, adsense and google plus. Keep ready a new phone number that should not be used before with any of google products. Now create your own video with the help of any video creator software available with you. You can easily search free video maker software on internet or you can use Microsoft Windows Movie maker if you are using WindowsXP Version. Examples of videos may by any of your choice as described for your help below:-

  • Any Learning Video
  • Any software Tutorial
  • Any video created at home like for your animals, birds, kids etc
  • Any video song of yours (Written by you)

Let's take an example of windows movie maker is your software for making videos. Import video in movie maker, import and place audio wherever required in your video. Select any video effect or transition if you like to do so.

Now from file menu save your video and keep for uploading on youtube but before that create your Channel on youtube first with the gmail id you created in the first step above. After creating channel upload your saved video and change its settings for monetization.

Points to be checked and remember after uploading your video. Strictly recommended.
There are three tabs to update values after uploading your videos.
1.    Basic Tab
2.    Monetization
3.    Advanced Settings

Basic Info Tab:-

  • Title - In basic info, enter the most attractive and related to your video
  • Description - In description, enter the brief intro about your video
  • Tags - In tags field, enter most appropriate and related keywords. Keywords should be upto 5 - 6 and more than these may put your video to a spam list. So don't do this.
  • Privacy Settings - Always set this to Public if you want to increase your visitors.
  • Category - In this drop down list select the most appropriate and related category.

Monetization Tab:- In this section click on the below you want ads for your video 

Click on Monetize with Ads
Ad Format:-

  • Click on Overlay in-video ads
  • Click on TrueView in-stream ads

  • Select any one from these two choice buttons
  • Select Everywhere - make this video available on all platforms
  • Monetized platforms - make this video available only on monetized platforms
Advanced Settings Tab:- In this tab, you have to select and update settings according your choice only.

This is all you have done for getting your video upload and monetize on youtube. Now sit and relax untill  my new post for describing the easiest steps for getting your account approve on Google Adsense.

Till then Dream Big for earning money through internet.......

Happy Earning..... 

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