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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Family Reunion Tips For 2014 - PART A

In today's modern, scientific and busy schedule of everyone including Oldies, Young and kids also are getting bored and expect from their family to start something new that can help all for reunion. Some kind of attraction that is buried in this changing life of technology. So by keeping in mind I have come to a point that every family needs some tips for reunion and refress their relations among their family members to start their life from a new end with positive thinking and positive energy. And for this I am writing this blog i.e. "Family Reunion Tips". See, this is a vast topic and I will share with you all in chunks because this is very interesting but a necessity of time when there is a race for acquiring more money, more land etc.

So read and follow below steps and try for your family reunion as a start of the new year 2014.

Preparation for Family Reunion

When you decided to reunion your family then you must be aware and ready for any challenge that may be come up in your way of preparation. First of all you should make a To Do Check List so that while family reunion something should not left and you miss that thing a lot while gathering together with your family for the same of reunion.

To Do Check List
  1.  Count family members who will be with you
  2. Decide in advance that where to go
  3. Decide what would be the season
  4. Decide what type of material would be with you
  5. What will be the mode of transportation
  6. Where to stay while travel
  7. How many days are required to restart your life with family members and so on....
 After the above check list just have a look on more check points with small explanation.

Make Some Stuff Ready

Stuff a goodie bag with all the important things like everyone who comes to the reunion might need, name tags, phone numbers, specialty of place where you are going for family reunion.

Water Bottles          

Consider providing water bottles for every family member at your reunion. If you like or your budget is allowing to do so then you can even have them printed with your family name. If this is not in your budget then too you can have this by using a permanent market to write each person's name on their own bottle and encourage family members to conserve paper cups and disposable plastic water bottles by refilling their personal bottle as needed. They'll help protect the environment and go home with a neat souvenir.

Create Groups for Each Task

If there are more than 4 members then it is further advisable that you should create groups for each and every task from your starting point to end point to organize the family reunion. A group for food, travel arrangements, games etc.

Reunion Souvenirs

You'll want to remember the fun of your reunion through some sort of special family souvenir. For this, arrange some nifty items that can be personalized include t-shirts, caps, water bottles, photo albums, picture frames, sweat shirts and whatever you love.

Be Ready To Tackle Any Emergencies

First of all, of course, a First-Aid Kit should be there with you bags and more than one first aid box is required because we can not estimate the danger. Especially if your reunion is on a weekend, it is important that one person be responsible for getting all the information ahead of time so you can get help immediately if the need arises.

Create a Memorable Thing

For this you can make any big painting, a statue or other sort of sign to remember your reunion. You can also make a large welcome sign on white paper that welcomes everyone and then have each family member dip their hand in paint and place a hand print on the sign so it has everyone's hands over the happy welcome.

Capture the Moment

Have a plan for taking pictures of your family gathering. For this you may hire a photographer for your stills and family video shoot while reunion. Designate people to take pictures of the event on alternate basis so that no one can left for adding into snaps. At the end of your reunion have the designated photographers get together. Or they can have all pictures developed at a nearby one-hour developer and sort through those. Individuals and families can then look through the pictures and decide which ones they want copies of. Make copies at the local developer or have digital copies sent to everyone via e-mail.

Take Care Of Everyone

Remember that there are three types of people who come to a reunion: people who want to renew family ties, those who are new to the family and are maybe a little shy but interested in getting to know the family, and children. It's only the kids who are going to be bored if you don't schedule activities for them. On the other hands, the adults want and need to do a lot of talking since that's the best way to get to know each other, so make sure you plan for time in the schedule and enough comfortable space to just hang out.

Establish a Clean Environment

While you are enjoying your family reunion, make sure there are people who will volunteer to do the cleaning up of the party and around the area you visited and enjoyed by throwing things like an empty cane, paper plates, etc. That's a big job and a lot of work but it's a necessary evil.

Prayer and Reflection

Some families like to have a more somber time during their reunion to reflect on past difficulties and how they have come through them, members who are no longer alive and the contribution they made to the family, and current difficulties and how they can help each other through them. You also might consider having a time for a family devotional and prayer.

Make Memorable Belongings for Family Reunion

For this purpose you can have t-shirts, caps, cups printed that say the name of your family as well as "family reunion" and the year. Give these out. You can print family group photo while reunion. This will be a pretty one for remembering this family reunion event.

Choose Venue for Family Reunion     

When choosing a location for your reunion, consider the ages, interests, and limitations of your family members. Is there a playground for the little tots?  Are there tables for games and crafts? Is there a pool for the teens? When you send out invitations or announcements about the upcoming reunion, mention the features of your venue that would be of value to different family members and you are more likely to get participation from across the board.

Budgeting Basics         

While planning for family reunion, the basic and most urgent topic is setting your budget so that everyone can enjoy and remember this reunion. You may choose to finance your family reunion in a variety of ways. Depending on the type and length of reunion your family is having, you could establish an overall budget and ask each family to contribute a set amount, allow each family to finance a different aspect of the reunion, or have each family finance only their portion (their own tickets to the amusement park and meals, for instance). However you choose to finance the event, it is best to at least give each family a good estimate of their expenses. No one enjoys being surprised as they're leaving! Give families and individuals as much advance notice as possible about what and how they will be expected to contribute to the reunion financially.

I hope you enjoyed while reading this article. Now I am going to end this Family Reunion Tips 2014 - Part A. And for second part, you may revisit this blog as soon as we will publish the second part will let you know via email if you subscribe to our blog.  

Have a Happy and Health Family Reunion  2014.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tips for Effective Writing 2014

I don't think that you should write a good blog than an effective blog. What’s the difference? One is based on opinion and other is based on reality. As you know that everyone has their own views in terms of expressing themselves as a good writer. Everyone has their own opinion on quality because it varies person by person and depends on who you ask, but effective writing is hard to argue with. It gets the job done in plain and simple way.

So, one question should be strike in your mind as a blog reader or writer that how do you write in a way that effectively communicates your message with its reader? Here are few or you can say five tips for effective writing, which you can apply for your blog website. So here are Tips for Effective Writing 2014.

1. Examine Your Materials

As per my blogging experience, I have come to point that you can not write well unless you do it badly first. And that is possible with examine your blogging material whether it is text or images, just practice by blogging on a daily basis or an interval of regular blog. Most professionals recommend set you writing time for daily basis and make sure link should not be broken at lease 30 minutes of writing because you can’t get better if you don’t show it up to others or even to yourself first.

I do this with my blog and writing daily a minimum of 500 words. The more I write, the more I learn about effective writing skills and the more I realize I need to practice I do.

2. Challenge Your Mind

The second and most effective tip is write about topics only that interest to you, if it attracts to you then only it can be helpful for others to attract, but don’t forget to choose the topic for writing that is new, as well. The more you stretch yourself, the more you grow.

You must not underestimate the importance of learning. Ever try to learn new from books, online media that is not better than internet, subscribe few other blogs. I try to learn something new every day by reading books, blogs, and watching news on TV also.

3. Be Faithful To Yourself

Don’t ever try to be a copy cat like another writer because it give you text only not the main concept that why that guy started this text and what was intention behind that article. So don't cheat yourself by be a model your writing after another writer. Ultimately, what you want is to discover your internal writing voice. And to be frank with you my dear, we as your audience or visitor, only want your true writing skills not a copied writing skill.

I still struggle with this, but I’m getting better. One technique I use is to read aloud to myself what I’ve just written, and if it doesn’t sound like me, I rewrite it again and again without even second thought about rewriting or not.

4. Start with Bit by Bit

Like every man once a crying child and running on knees and time after time gets matured and after that now able to walk and even for run faster. I know that many of us are ever in hurry and want to write a book even if it is their first article. They start by wanting to write a book. Don’t do that. Start small writing as bit by bit you can add a page and after then, write a few articles for some magazines, and then, consider a book, a blog or a journal. As you take one incremental step after another towards getting published, you’ll find that your confidence build.

5. Never Give Up

If you have ever dreamed about writing, take it seriously or forget it forever. Perseverance pays off. Most days, I don’t even want to write, but I show up and start writing as usual.

Golden Rules of Writing
  • Write Article Daily
  • Set constant words to write daily
  • Encourage others
  • Don't criticize other bloggers
  • Don't copy method - should be unique

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Knowledge Base for Earning Money from Internet


Welcome to this "Knowledgebase 2014" for earning money from internet. I know that there are millions - billions of blogs and websites on internet for taking help in getting start for earning money but this blog contains DOs and DON'Ts while posting text material on internet. So I hope that you'll enjoy and also will not down the essential steps in you diary to not to repeat blunders while start earning from internet.

Follow Steps For Earning Money

      These steps are based on the several factors keeping in mind so that you won't repeat those silly mistakes that I did in my past and did not earn in fact even my ADSENSE account was not approved by GOOGLE.

      In this BLOG I will share each and everything you want to know or I think it is required for you to earn money from internet by posting text material, adding images, adding videos etc.

     As you know that internet is a bay of knowledge and you can access any knowledge from internet and also can earn money with the help of using some important steps which you are ignoring in the absence of proper guidance. But not to worry now because now I am so successful and learnt a lot that how to post on internet and how to apply for earning revenue from different social and networking sites on internet. As you are doing of did in the past, I also tried so many times but due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance I was also one of those who did not succeed. But I tried again and again, now I have enough to share with others. You just keep a pen and diary to note down the steps for starting you first blog even earlier you have been trying so many times but did not succeed.

      Please note down the below steps and follows so that you become the next successful person on internet without loosing your hopes for getting money from internet.

     I know that you are using more than 2-3 email ids but stop now. You need something new for your first phase of earning money from internet. Because if you are loyal and faithful with social sites and following guideline then surely you can achieve any milestone for earning money.

    In this blog we will discuss methods, Dos and Don'ts in respect of Youtube Video uploading on internet for monetize.

  1. Register for a new email id with GMAIL

  2. Keep a new Phone Number to verify this new ID 

  3. Create a youtube video channel

  4. Keep ready your own copyrighted video 

     These above  points are just Headings. Explanation about each will be discussed in our Post after the examples of uploaded videos below. 

   So keep attention and dream big about earning money through internet. Till then you can have a look on the below links to take an idea for making videos for youtube.



     Create a new gmail id for you to apply for youtube, adsense and google plus. Keep ready a new phone number that should not be used before with any of google products. Now create your own video with the help of any video creator software available with you. You can easily search free video maker software on internet or you can use Microsoft Windows Movie maker if you are using WindowsXP Version. Examples of videos may by any of your choice as described for your help below:-

  • Any Learning Video
  • Any software Tutorial
  • Any video created at home like for your animals, birds, kids etc
  • Any video song of yours (Written by you)

Let's take an example of windows movie maker is your software for making videos. Import video in movie maker, import and place audio wherever required in your video. Select any video effect or transition if you like to do so.

Now from file menu save your video and keep for uploading on youtube but before that create your Channel on youtube first with the gmail id you created in the first step above. After creating channel upload your saved video and change its settings for monetization.

Points to be checked and remember after uploading your video. Strictly recommended.
There are three tabs to update values after uploading your videos.
1.    Basic Tab
2.    Monetization
3.    Advanced Settings

Basic Info Tab:-

  • Title - In basic info, enter the most attractive and related to your video
  • Description - In description, enter the brief intro about your video
  • Tags - In tags field, enter most appropriate and related keywords. Keywords should be upto 5 - 6 and more than these may put your video to a spam list. So don't do this.
  • Privacy Settings - Always set this to Public if you want to increase your visitors.
  • Category - In this drop down list select the most appropriate and related category.

Monetization Tab:- In this section click on the below you want ads for your video 

Click on Monetize with Ads
Ad Format:-

  • Click on Overlay in-video ads
  • Click on TrueView in-stream ads

  • Select any one from these two choice buttons
  • Select Everywhere - make this video available on all platforms
  • Monetized platforms - make this video available only on monetized platforms
Advanced Settings Tab:- In this tab, you have to select and update settings according your choice only.

This is all you have done for getting your video upload and monetize on youtube. Now sit and relax untill  my new post for describing the easiest steps for getting your account approve on Google Adsense.

Till then Dream Big for earning money through internet.......

Happy Earning.....